Go from wishing you could make a difference and bring in more money to being a high-earning Certified Self-Love Coach who changes countless lives for the better...
(WITHOUT paying to run ads OR having a big social media following)
Already know you want in?

Imagine being a Certified Self-Love Coach and having a SIMPLE SYSTEM to serve as many clients as you desire with NO BURNOUT
  • Using a ready-made, proven curriculum with your clients that gets them RESULTS
  • Charging premium prices for your coaching and having the ability to find people who are ready and willing to make the investment
  • Using simple yet highly impactful organic lead generation strategies to attract your ideal clients without spending money to advertise
  • Taking your income to whatever level your heart desires and giving yourself the freedom and lifestyle of your dreams
This is exactly what people just like you are achieving in the certification program through my help.
And it’s what I want for you too!
Become a Certified Self-Love Coach who books clients day in day out, without having to create your own curriculum…
 creating the lifestyle, impact, and money you desire faster than you ever thought possible.
No need to run paid ads OR have a huge social media following to make it happen.

What You're Getting

  • Lifetime access to the Self-Love Coaching Certification Program -Level One
  • 10 Modules with Videos & Actions
  • Weekly Group Q&A Call
  • Exclusive FB Support & Accountability Group
  • [Bonus] Life-changing Personal Development Program for Your Own Continued Growth (Value $1497)
  • [Bonus] Become a Bestselling Author with an invitation to write a chapter in my next multi-author book (Value $1497)
YOUR INVESTMENT: $6,000 $3,500
  • It will help you get RESULTS for your clients, without ever having to plan or prepare lessons for them, by using our proprietary curriculum
  • It will help you identify who your dream clients are and where to find them 
  • ​It will help you attract leads organically who will be happy to pay your premium coaching prices
  • ​It will help you make a scalable income while enabling you to live the life you deeply desire (and fully deserve)
How would your life
change if you were
high earning
Self-Love Coach?
If you are a freelancer who isn't making the money or the impact you truly desire - or maybe you're working a 9-to-5 job that's not giving you the fulfillment you seek - and you're thinking about a side business or a total career transition to where you can directly impact the lives of others...

Most coaching certification programs teach you HOW to coach, but do not teach you WHAT to coach or WHERE and HOW to find clients.

And that’s exactly why you see so many coaches out there either struggling to get enough clients, or overworked trying to create different content for their many clients - leaving these coaches utterly exhausted and still not making the money they deserve.

To become a high earning Self-Love Coach, you've got to take another approach. Here's how:

  • Use a set curriculum that gets clients RESULTS - if the idea of creating your own standardized program sounds overwhelming to you, then join a certification program that includes a curriculum and CLEAR PLAN for your coaching sessions. Otherwise, you might spend years trying to develop your own and test it on enough clients to know that you've got proof of concept so you can to use it with success in your business.
  • Know how to find your ideal clients online – You need to know where to find people online who are ready to buy your coaching services. These people understand the value of investing in themselves, and have no problem saying yes to PREMIUM PRICED offers. Once you find them, be sure to have a system for converting them into your clients!
EXAMPLE: Before I started coaching, I was a freelance artist. The only lifestyle I knew then was trading my time for money by teaching classes. While I was passionate about what I did, I reached a point of major BURNOUT, never really creating a stable life for myself nor feeling like I was able to give my best to my students. It was totally UNSUSTAINABLE.

When I was building out my online coaching business, I came into it with the firsthand knowledge that I needed to create a SUSTAINABLE SYSTEM from the very beginning. There was no way I was willing to replicate my past burnout experience in the online coaching space... No way! 

So, I looked at my skill set:  I have over a decade of experience building curriculums and programming.  I combined that with research and my own discoveries through a 15 year journey of self-led transformation, and built my own results-based program.

Then I went out to find an IDEAL MARKET of clients online  – people were ready to invest in their well-being via HIGH-TICKET offers. And on top of that, I connected with top-notch business mentors in the coaching industry who could help me streamline my path to success.

I went out, tested my new coaching program, and got 5 x $2,500 clients paid-in-full when I was BRAND NEW in the industry! 

No more burnout because I said YES to creating a system oriented toward my financial freedom! And, not only has it changed my life for the better, but the fact that my coaching program impacts the lives of others in such profound ways is truly the greatest joy.
I’m all about seeing you get results for your clients and helping you live an amazing life of impact. 
If you want create freedom and be able to scale your income to whatever you desire, you need to STOP making decisions based on where you are right now. Instead, make decisions based on where you want to be.
Becoming a Certified Self-Love Coach can help you make the impact and the money you desire... and it's completely online.
Here’s what we cover in the Self-Love Coaching Certification Program:
This module is the building block of  the Self-Love Coaching Certification Program. Here, you will learn how to take charge of your own mindset as a leader so you can guide others from a place of inner strength and calm. (Fear of "Am I really ready to coach others?" BE GONE!)
It's time to align your social media profile with your role as a leader. Learn how to create high-value content to establish your authority and cultivate trust online.
Get yourself off to a strong start by setting up the business foundations necessary to become a high earning Self-Love Coach.  You'll find no fluff here - just an actionable list of the essentials. Nothing less, nothing more.
This module teaches you the 4-week curriculum that you will use with your clients. You'll learn both the WHAT and the WHY behind the curriculum so you can step into your work as a coach with confidence and deep knowledge of what you're teaching others. 
After you learn what the curriculum is and why it has been created, this module teaches you HOW to coach your clients through it, including weekly agendas and actual coaching calls for you to listen to and study.
Now it's time to prepare your mind for leading powerful sales calls that inspire your prospective clients to say YES to investing in their own growth! Here, you'll have access to my Leading Sales Calls template and learn how to price your coaching service.
Once you've mastered how to coach the curriculum and practiced your sales calls, you're ready for phase one of client attraction. Here, you'll learn my strategy for how to get your first clients online! (With no money spent on ads.)
This module teaches you how to build your audience with people who are ready to buy your course, leading them through our attraction sequence that brings them from interested to INVESTED!
Here, you'll put your studies into practice. Upon successful completion of course requirements and your practicum, you will receive your official certification status! As you start working with clients, you will continue to receive ongoing support in the weekly Q&A call with Jessie and her team.
The final module of the certification program provides you with a quick reference guide of your coaching work flow to help you stay focused on the most important tasks to grow your coaching business. You will then be eligible to scale your business even further (to any income level you desire!) by joining the Level Two certification program.
In addition to the above, the Self-Love Coaching Certification Program includes:
Access to the exclusive private Facebook Support Community 

Weekly Group Q&A Call with Jessie
The Self-Love Coaching Certification Program also includes two bonuses that will help you continue to rise into your ongoing personal evolution, as well as become a bestselling author to elevate your credibility and RESULTS.
- Life-changing Personal Development Program for YOU - 
In this training you'll get to take a deep-dive into my full proprietary coaching method for yourself! This way, you can continue to use the tools you learn to keep growing into an ever-expanding and loving relationship with yourself, others, and the world around you.
- Become a Bestselling Author with Your Own Chapter in My Next Multi-Author Book  - 
I'm gifting you a place in my next bestselling multi-author book. This means, you get to write your own chapter in the book (don't worry, I've got a template you can use to make writing your chapter easy!) and will have the credential of "bestselling author" next to your name for the rest of your life! 

What You're Getting

  • Lifetime access to the Self-Love Coaching Certification Program - Level One
  • 10 Modules with Videos & Actions
  • Weekly Group Q&A Call
  • Exclusive FB Support & Accountability Group
  • [Bonus] Life-changing Personal Development Program for Your Own Continued Growth (Value $1497)
  • [Bonus] Become a Bestselling Author with an invitation to write a chapter in my next multi-author book (Value $1497)
YOUR INVESTMENT: $6,000 $3,500
  • Passionate, empathetic people who want to start in the online business space, make great money, have a powerful impact, and live amazing lives
  • ​Those who want a clear path for how to grow toward working with dozens (or even hundreds!) of clients WITHOUT working more hours
  • ​People who are done selling their time for money and being chained to their schedule
  • Someone who is stuck in a mindset of jumping from free training to free training, never making a solid investment in the life they keep saying they want 
  • ​Someone who retracts from the discomfort of growth and lets their fear get the best of them
  • Someone who isn’t willing to show up and do the work
 Students start getting leads and sales while they are still in the Level One Certification Program, seeing a return on their investment within months.
Chances are, you have already invested a staggering amount of money into courses, programs and coaching for your business growth, but you are still not where you want to be.

You know why? It’s not because those experts don’t know what they are doing. It’s because they don’t know how to TEACH what they know – resulting in products that are built to offer you INFORMATION, not RESULTS.

If that's not you...

Perhaps you've tried the "do-it-yourself" route by researching online for how to start a coaching business. My guess is you've quickly found yourself shocked by how much you have to learn, feeling totally unsure of the next steps.... Where is the clear path within this information overload?

The Self-Love Coaching Certification Program is designed to keep you fully focused using a simple, proven system so you can get RESULTS right from the get-go.

The forward momentum you will be able to build  in the Self-Love Coaching Certification Program is nothing short of phenomenal.

The community is full of action-takers and powerhouse creatives, educators, empaths, and entrepreneurs creating REAL wealth + freedom in their lives.
Hey, Jessie Sawyers here. I am a bestselling author, coach, internationally acclaimed tap dancer and musician, and CEO of Getting Unlocked, a company aimed at amplifying inclusion, self-love, and acceptance in the world.

I've gone from hustling and trading my time for money as a dance educator for 15 years to creating an online business rooted in finanical freedom and the ability to live out my dream life. 

I know a thing or two about finding self-love and overcoming adversity in life. I have been dealing with hair loss for over 20 years, and have endured 25 corrective surgeries as a result of being born with physical birth defects from a genetic condition. This has included dental implant surgery for the installation of permanent false teeth, requiring a series of reconstructive surgeries that had me on a two-year liquid and soft food diet in my late twenties.

The beauty is, all of my challenges have led me to an endless well of gratitude for the gift of being alive, and this has inspired me to focus on helping others create their own personal and financial freedom, too.

I firmly believe everyone has the ability to become a high earning Self-Love Coach. You don’t have to be in the coaching industry for years in order to find success... all you have to do is be able to follow the system I've laid out for you and you'll be on your way to making a difference in the lives of your clients.
I've systemized my coaching business to the level that I can serve HUNDREDS OF CLIENTS at a time WITHOUT WORKING EXTRA HOURS... and I've thoughtfully crafted two levels of the Certification Program so you, too, can grow to ANY LEVEL OF INCOME YOU DESIRE without straining your time and energy.
Like I said - I BELIEVE everyone has the ability right now to become a high earning Self-Love Coach. 
  • If YOU want to make a difference in the lives of others
  • ​If you want to get sales the easy way without running ads
  • If you want a proven curriculum to use with your clients
  • If you want MORE TIME, FREEDOM & MONEY
  • Getting paid your worth every day for doing fulfilling, impactful work that helps your clients achieve REMARKABLE results
  • ​An easy profitable business that is completely online  
  • ​Having the freedom and lifestyle you so badly desire (and totally deserve!) 
  • ​Having a proven client attraction system, so you have prospects coming into your business every day, without paying for ads
  • ​HUGE additional benefits, e.g. creating more freedom, living your dream life & spending more time doing the things you love
Bottom Line: The Self-Love Coaching Certification Program has everything you need to quickly & easily become a high earning Self-Love Coach, so you feel fulfilled, get paid more, and live your dream life every day (just like my existing clients).
A powerful system to become a high earning Self-Love Coach who makes sales and changes lives every day with ease and clarity.

What You're Getting

  • Lifetime access to the Self-Love Coaching Certification Program - Level One
  • 10 Modules with Videos & Actions
  • Weekly Group Q&A Call
  • Exclusive FB Support & Accountability Group
  • [Bonus] Life-changing Personal Development Program for Your Own Continued Growth (Value $1497)
  • [Bonus] Become a Bestselling Author with an invitation to write a chapter in my next multi-author book (Value $1497)
YOUR INVESTMENT: $6,000 $3,500
These are actual responses from clients who've been guided through the same curriculum that you will get to use with your future clients! The results are truly ASTOUNDING. (Names and photos crossed out to respect privacy.)
How incredible would it be for YOU to help future clients of your own get results like that? If you bring your courage and commitment, we've got the clear system for you to make this your reality.

Got a question? Feel free to reach out at info@GettingUnlocked.com
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